guide to saltire's github.

A selection of repositories in my junk drawer of a GitHub account.

If you look through my GitHub profile, there aren't any huge ongoing projects. Most of my repos are just toys I created at some point to satisfy some kind of curiosity: learning a language, trying out a concept, or making some kind of tool for my own use. While small and rough, all these bits of code represent some kind of valuable learning experience. This is where I take a few of them and, for each one, try to explain just what that was.


An iteration of my text adventure engine, written in Python.


An IRC chatbot that can talk on other networks too.


A Minecraft map renderer, compatible with Google Maps.


A data scraper for financial contributions on the Elections Canada website.


Tools and toys for a physical tile-based board game installation.


A Minecraft mod to display in-game blocks on a hardware LED display.


A controller for a NeoPixel display on the desk in my living room.


A tile-based puzzle game using Pygame.


A map generator for indie computer game Starseed Pilgrim.


A simple map generator for Terraria.