Rebooting the blog.

December 24, 2018

Greetings! I’ve maintained this site since 2010 as a loose portfolio of web projects, and various ramblings on tech subjects.

Problem is, I’ve never kept a blog with any kind of regularity, and a lot of the code projects I work on in my spare time are little toys or experiments I’ve started in order to learn something or other, and not finished products. So I never really felt like most of them were worth posting to the site, and it languished.

Thing is, I have LOTS of these unfinished projects, and though they may not be “finished”, they still have importance to me as steps in my self-education, and I’m still proud of them. So my intention with this blog is to showcase all the little things I’ve done and explain what they mean to me. I’m hoping it’ll have some value to people who are interested in learning more about code, or just what makes things on the Web tick, or just learning in general.

So, behold my list of bad apps and games! And please feel free to reach out to me if you like something you’ve read or want to know more. Nothing would delight and motivate me more than for this writing to spark a new conversation.


Marcus (aka saltire)